I love Him

He gives me eternity

And life.

He gives and takes away my pain

Comforts me in my sorrow.

He promises me joy and peace

Justice. Grace.

Is this the reason I love Him?


If heaven did not exist

If He never promised me eternity

And only gave me death.

Then, in my pain and my limited years on earth,

Would I love Him less? Praise Him less?


I cried to Him in my troubles — complained —

Accusing Him for injustice and failing

To deliver me.

I only loved Him — we only love Him —

During calm sunny days

While we sit under golden leaves in the fall.

I only loved Him — we only love Him —

When we remember our place in heaven

He promised us.


I give Him nothing

But a broken contrite heart.

He loves me.

Asking nothing in return. Expecting



Why should we not love Him the same?

Should the reason we love be this:

“He gives me eternity and peace.

He promises me grace and forgiveness.”

Let it be this:

“He is the Almighty God, the Creator of the stars and sea.

Who has seen the birth of the sun? The birth of humanity?

Only Him. Pain and suffering, joy and peace, what can compare

to my Lord, my God?”


God is.

He is.

Therefore I will sing praises unto His wonderful Name

Forever and evermore.


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