I love Him

He gives me eternity And life. He gives and takes away my pain Comforts me in my sorrow. He promises me joy and peace Justice. Grace. Is this the reason I love Him?   If heaven did not exist If He never promised me eternity And only gave me death. Then, in my pain and…Read more I love Him


꿈. 夢. Dreaming.

One day I will wake up, and I will make myself believe That I was a graceful gentle woman who could speak what was on her mind My parents will see who I really was, always happy and brave and excited about the smallest stupidest thing I saw. My brother, well, he already knows who…Read more 꿈. 夢. Dreaming.


  I wish I was a little weaker. Mentally. So that I can cry with no shame when I feel pain. I wish I was a little weaker. Physically. So that like in the dramas I can dramatically collapse when I want someone to catch me. I wish I had a little less pride. But…Read more Simple

Take Me Back

Where the streets were narrow but overflowing with freedom and color. I can roam in the morning when the people rose earlier than the sun. In the evening when the people slept just as the sky was turning dark blue, a sign that day was coming soon. In a country where there was no sleep…Read more Take Me Back