I wish I was a little weaker. Mentally. So that I can cry with no shame when I feel pain. I wish I was a little weaker. Physically. So that like in the dramas I can dramatically collapse when I want someone to catch me. I wish I had a little less pride. But…Read more Simple

Take Me Back

Where the streets were narrow but overflowing with freedom and color. I can roam in the morning when the people rose earlier than the sun. In the evening when the people slept just as the sky was turning dark blue, a sign that day was coming soon. In a country where there was no sleep…Read more Take Me Back

My Name

Ever since that day He called me by name I lived a little differently took another road walking walking but never alone Suddenly I could see the world around me, so full of flowers and oceans demons but angels There I heard Him call me by name over and over and over and over again…Read more My Name